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Lobster Saison, in celebration of Burger & Lobster's 10th Anniversary

Singapore's first lobster beer

A bright, piquant brew of depth and minerality with a kiss from the sea. A refreshing floral saison base, steamed lobster shells brought straight from kitchen to kettle, and a handful of tarragon and lemon zest for some earthiness and citrus to add balance.

Available at Burger & Lobster Raffles Hotel and Jewel outlets.

Our Latest Release

Papayas In The Morning

Inspired by papaya milk, and brewed to bring alive childhood playtime memories when school was out, Papayas in the Morning is a fun and experimental IPA that rewards our inner kid with a silky blast of tropical fruitiness!

We make beers for the new drinkers, for the everyman and for those who appreciate good beer.

In Singapore, the term ‘Off Day’ holds dual meaning; a day off from work (colloquial usage), or a bad day with less success or happiness (informal, English). On different occasions, we have a pint when we are celebrating or ruminating.

Beers can bring people together and remind us to be present, and be kinder on ourselves. One conversation led to another and we decided on the brand name ‘Off Day’ as it captures the ups and downs of life. Our beers are trusty companions, likeable, approachable, solid and suitable for all occasions.

You Deserve an Off Day

Your taste buds are our priority, but beyond that, we aim to make beers that take you away from your daily grind. Celebrate every little moment in life.

Made in Singapore

Brewed fresh right here

Stored & Delivered Chilled

Quality is important to us

Free Next Day Delivery

For orders above $79

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