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Wax On Wax Off

Singapore's First Scotch Barrel-Aged Beer

For most of us, the sight of wooden barrels brings wine or whisky to mind, but today we are bringing another beverage to the table. Off Day Beer Company is releasing its first beer aged in a whisky barrel, probably Singapore's first too. We harnessed our island’s tropical climate as well as flavours and aromas from Scotch-soaked oak to create a sublime beer profile.

Wax Off is a a formidable Belgian Tripel brewed with an unorthodox yeast blend. It delivers a bouquet of malty-sweet pomme fruit married to a dash of peppery spice with a gentle warming finish.

Wax On is Singapore's first Scotch Barrel Aged Tripel. Tropical aged for a month in a Glen Moray Ex-Bourbon Cask. The beer's a celebration of caramel-apples, vanilla, pistachio-like nuttiness, ripe plums, and apricots.

Our beer label features the work of artist Khalaf Chebbo based in France. This lo-fi depiction of a lone surfer out at sea, is tribute to 'Moray' from Glen Moray, which is a Gaelic derivative for the word 'Ocean'.

Limited in quantity, both the unaged base beer and the barrel aged version will be launched in 21 April 2021 concurrently.


About Khalaf Chebbo, artist behind label art:

Through his photographic lens, Khalaf tries to capture moments of everyday life and create ambient narratives sometimes from his imagination.

The photographs read more as paintings, often blurring reality from dream. They evoke a feeling of being pulled into another realm, one that speaks of uncharted territories tinged with familiar memories.

Although his work speaks powerfully of solitude and loneliness, there is a sense of belonging. It’s an invitation for viewers to experience a dimension which evades time - leaving them a poetic stillness, like silent waves that once washed ashore.



On tap at

Good Luck Beerhouse

Orh Gao Taproom

Smith Street Taps


In bottles at





Sixteen Ounces

Temple Cellars


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