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Our Story

Who We Are

We are Off Day Beer Company, a new brewery based in Singapore. We make beers for the new drinkers, for the everyman and for those who appreciate good beer.

In Singapore, the term ‘Off Day’ holds dual meaning; a day off from work (colloquial usage), or a bad day with less success or happiness (informal, English). On different occasions, we have a pint when we are celebrating or ruminating. It dawned on us that beers could be more than just temporary
solutions. Beers can bring people together and remind us to be present, and be kinder on ourselves. One conversation led to another and we decided on the brand name ‘Off Day’ as it captures the ups
and downs of life. We want our brand and beers to speak to people and everyone can relate to having an ‘Off Day’.

Our beers are trusty companions, likeable, approachable, solid and suitable for all occasions. We can achieve this with the use of select ingredients such as premium malts from the UK, hops from the US and Oceania, and the use of modern brewing techniques. Beer is more than just a drink.
Your taste buds are our priority, but beyond that, we aim to make beers that take you away from your daily grind. Celebrate every little moment in life. You deserve an Off DayTM Beer.


About The Team

Off Day Beer Company was founded in late 2019 by beer enthusiasts, Casey, Daryl, Jasmin, Kasster and Kevin. Born and bred in the beautiful garden city of Singapore, the five are focused in their pursuit of bringing good quality beer to their own communities because, well, even the infallible Singapore Inc. can have an Off DayTM.

We all sit on different levels of the craft beer vertical with our other hats on. When we gather over good beer and food like we usually do, we often ask ourselves if we could be doing more with beer. What if beers can bring people together? What if beers can remind people to appreciate not just the ups but also the downs? One thing led to another and here we have it, the birth of Off Day Beer Company, something that we hope can make a positive impact on ourselves and the community around us. And there’s really nothing like an Off DayTM Beer on your off day, or if you’re having an off day, is there?


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